Blood for the Dead: The Gospel

selective focus photography of skeleton

We are more than broken victims of this world needing a Healer and Comforter. 

We are also rebels who ran away from the King of all that is good; we are slaves to evil. Dead; no pulse. Nothing. 

Chest compressions. One, two, seventy-two, nothing.

We need a miraculous blood transfusion to give us life—not just enough push to put us into a coma and say, “Eh good enough” but rather thriving, glorious life! Shocking and unexpected life considering we are…dead. But first, blood. The blood. The only thing that can say to the Angel of Death: “Run along now; you can’t pass through here.”

If only. 

What kind of blood is a match for our people? A dead people. The dead can’t give blood to the dead. Who can save us?


Hung on a tree. 

The Holy, Sacrificial Lamb of God, led to the slaughter. 

Our High Priest offering Himself to mediate at the true alter for all time, backwards and forwards.

Man, so He can stand in for man, and yet God, so He can accept the transaction. 

Blood poured out on the alter—it gives life so we can be fully alive to glorify and enjoy Him as intended. 

For His people. 

Not because they deserved it; not because He owes them. 

But because He’s been a Promise-Maker and a Promise-Keeper throughout history. 

He promised to provide a way for redemption, a second Adam. 

Last breath. 


Raised on the third day. 

As foretold. 

Appeared to many. 


Witnesses abound. 

He won the war for us. 

The only way. 

As the blood transfusion is given to us, we become alive. We remind ourselves that we ARE alive and that this blood is sufficient and conforming us to His likeness. 

We press forward—hidden in Him, abiding in Him, focusing on Him. 

How silly would it be to wish we were a lifeless corpse again after walking in true life? 

How ridiculous would it be to think we made ourselves alive or keep ourselves alive once brought back? It is His blood that pulses through our veins. 

He made us alive, and He will finish the work He started. 

By His blood. 

Photo credit: Chris Mitchel/Pexels

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