Type A

accomplishment accuracy accurate achievement
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

I used to be type A. Needed all my ducks in a row—and quacking in unison, only on command.  Then I had to ask myself: Is this a personality quirk… or am I taking things too far? At what point does my desire for order and precision become an idol? If asked to take my beloved lists, goals, obsession with having things “go as they should” to the top of a mountain and put a stake in them, could I do it?

Oh Jesus, sometimes I want order and security before Your will and Your glory. Without Your Spirit in me, I can do nothing good or of value. I cannot even seek You unless you help me do that first! So here I am. Please orient my heart and mind to want you first. Lessen my appetite for control—for sin, and increase my hunger and thirst for righteousness—and Your plans alone. 

Christ is working in me. I’d say, now I’m more of a Type A- on a good day. 😉

I can’t change myself, but I can appeal to the One who can change me. He’s already promised to carry out that work in me. The same One who started working in me will finish what He is doing after all—and I look forward to that. This promise is SO solid that it’s like He has already done it, and in some kind of eschatological sorta way, He has. Praise God. 

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