For Good??

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Romans teaches us that “all things work together for good.” But what is this “good”? Our goals? The “American Dream”?

Did Jesus come to tell us that we are Lord or that He is?

The Bible doesn’t float around our heads. Biblical history and theology do not revolve around us. We are not the main characters.

Jesus is center.

All scripture points to Him.

He is Lord.

We were the bad guys; remember? Then He adopted us to be sons and daughters.

This should be shocking to you no matter how many times you’ve heard it, so I’m going to say it again.

WE were the enemies. God took His enemies who deserved NO mercy, and through paying the debt of sin on the Cross, He poured out His matchless and endless grace on them. On us. The Church. And now He calls us CHILDREN, giving us His name and inheritance. We are being sanctified and slowly but surely our will is being molded to match His simply because He loves us. We are being molded to look more like Him everyday through His continued work as we follow Him and He guides us.

This is what’s best for us; THIS is our good: To be fully known, fully loved, fully paid for, fully His, and fully holy.

When God promises all things will work together for good, they are working for our holiness because ultimately all things are working together for His glory! Satisfying your #lifegoals is not only not the priority and not what is promised in scripture, but it doesn’t even come close to the awesome truth of what He is actually doing! It’s all about Jesus. Our little, insignificant lives are given meaning in glorifying the Creator. All things are working together for His GLORY.

Our holiness is more important than our momentary happiness. However, in becoming more holy, we will grow in JOY because that is one of the fruits of the Spirit; even if we don’t get all the earthly pleasures, security, comfort, and blessings we may long for, we are growing in what’s of far more value: holiness. There is nothing better than being His and becoming like Him, and thankfully we have a God who can use anything and everything in our lives and beyond to make us more holy.

Even so, it still isn’t all about US and our holiness. Ultimately, this is ALL for His glory because He is King and Lord over all; we are simply benefiting from His goodness and love in that we are being used, along with everything else, to bring Him glory. Thank You, God!

So in our lives, we press forward in focusing our eyes on the One who loves us and molds us into His image; we turn towards the One who takes all things and makes them somehow bring glory to Himself. Even when life is tough, rest assured that He is using even the hard times to make you more like Him, and He is holding you while He does it.

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