False Gods Named “Jesus”

selective focus photo of multicolored wooden mannequin
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

My son loves playdough, and quite frankly, so do I. You can squeeze it, stretch it, roll it, and mold it into whatever shape you want. If B wants to build a snowman, rather a playdough-man, he can roll a few pieces up, stick them together, and he’s just about done. If he’s finished with that after a few minutes, he’s free to flatten out his creation and start over, perhaps make letters or simply squish it between his fingers and focus on the sensory experience. If I want to play with a chunk of his playdough, I have the freedom to make something entirely different with it! We both are working with playdough, but since we can mold it into different shapes at our own will, we have potential for completely different creative experiences and creations. We are the masters and creators; we get to decide how the playdough will function for us. We get to design our final product.

Jesus is not like playdough.

We don’t get to decide what Jesus is like. We don’t get to fit Him into our own image or make Him into what we think He should be like based on our worldviews, experiences, and values. He isn’t a custom made, DIY god. He isn’t like playdough; we can’t mold Him into whatever is convenient for us.

If we invent a god in our heads and call him “Jesus,” and he isn’t like the Jesus of Scripture, we are fooling ourselves. We are creating an idol, a false god.

He is who He already is and how He defines Himself to be. 

He reveals what He is like in His Word, and those descriptors have not and will not change. 


Since He speaks through His Word, we must know Scripture. To know it, study it. To neglect study is to position ourselves for creating a false god who simply shares the same name.

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