2 Year Old at the Pulpit: Reminders from my Son

B is a bottomless pit some days. At dinner, he’ll eat as much as a grown man preparing for a marathon, and then half an hour later, he’ll ask for a second dinner… and dessert… and a snack.

May we be this hungry for spiritual food. May we seek out the nourishment that only comes from Christ.

He trusts us, his parents. Whether we are holding him up with our feet while playing “airplane” or he’s getting in the car to go to an unknown location, he doesn’t question our love for him; he trusts that we aim to care for him and that we can be trusted as his leaders.

May we trust our Father God in all things and remember that He cares for us.

B is learning obedience. He’s learning that his impulsivity makes it especially challenging to obey. (His toddler brain isn’t fully developed after all!) He’s learning that he messes up sometimes, but when that happens, he impresses me with how quickly he says “Try again!” and makes an effort to move forward. He isn’t self condemning (Lookin’ at you, reflection in the mirror!), but rather he recognizes his faults and is eager to focus on loving people better and being obedient.

May we be quick to repent and eager to love better.

He imitates those he loves and spends time with. It always surprises me to see which mannerisms he picks up from people. It holds me accountable knowing I have a toddler learning from me and copying what I say and do.

May we spend regular time with Jesus and be transformed by abiding in Him. May we also be cautious in how we act so we can set a good example to others and encourage each other in holiness.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Hi.” This one is self explanatory. 💁🏻‍♀️

May we be eager to stay connected to each other in community.

One of my favorite things to do is watch B pray. It brings a tear to my eye every single time. I love the way he folds his little hands together and brings them up to his chin; I love how his eyes make creases when he squeezes them shut – as tightly as he possibly can. I love that he asks me to pray with him, and then when I start slowing down, he chimes in with “God, help Daddy,” “Thank you… food,” or whatever else he comes up with.

May we be eager to pray and remember we can come before the throne of grace with confidence because Jesus is our mediator.

B asks questions about God. He is curious about the One we worship, talk about, learn about, and pray to. He knows there are many things he doesn’t understand, but he wants to learn.

May we be curious about God and willing to learn.

B loves to read the Bible and other theology books. Some of his favorites include:

May we be eager to learn about God so that we can love him better.

B loves people. He loves to express his love for people by saying, “I yuv you,” lending a helping hand, asking if people are ok (especially after they sneeze), praying for people, saying “thank you,” and giving hugs and kisses.

May we love others as Jesus commands.

He may only be 2, but he points me to Jesus.


What lessons or reminders have you received from unexpected people? Let me know in the comments!👇🏻

4 thoughts on “2 Year Old at the Pulpit: Reminders from my Son

  1. I love, love, love your post! It brought a tear to my eye, because I miss those challenging, wonderful days so much. Watch B as closely as you can, he will grow up before you know it. I am on my second round now, God has blessed me with having all my grandkids close by. God bless you and your family on your journey through life!

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