More and Less

I wrote this note 2.5 years ago, and stumbled on it again today; this is my prayer today and always.

During a much needed prayer walk this afternoon, I was reminded of John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” After a bit, my mind wandered on to reflect more specifically about things I wanted more and less of.

• More of a balance between rest and purposeful activities and less “obligations” on the calendar

• More focused, faithful walking with the Lord and less people pleasing

• More intentionality in the things I own and less material possessions that I don’t use

• More time before the Lord and less time worrying

• More wisdom, grace, assertiveness, and action to bring appropriate change and less complaining

• More grace, mercy, respect, assertiveness, and encouragement and less gossiping

•More Jesus. So much more Jesus. And less of anything that gets in the way.

What do you want more // less of?